What Are the Benefits and Side Effects Of Diindolylmethane

The health benefits of Diindolylmethane cannot be overemphasized. The shortened name for this supplement is DIM and it has a transforming effect on human health, affecting the entire body wholesomely and in a positive manner, making it an essential addition to your daily diet.  What is more, the substance can be obtained from natural foods like broccoli and some other vegetables. If you cannot access broccoli or need more than what the vegetable can supply, then you can go for Diindolylmethane supplement. Virtually everyone can enjoy DIM benefits, age, gender or physiological peculiarity irrespective.  Continue reading to find out more about the various Dim supplement benefits and side effects.

Its various health benefits

For one, the supplement can be trusted for fighting against cancer.  It also has preventing functions against cancer cells.  You can equally get this unique benefit from every vegetable rich in Diindolylmethane.  Many of these vegetables have another chemical compound called indole-3-carbinol, which can further promote the effect of Diindolylmethane. The fact that he chemicals are 100% natural make them safe and it means you will not end up with any unwanted side effect when you use the product. The natural state also improves the efficiency so that everyone can experience Diindolylmethane benefits.

stomach upset and headaches

What you should note

The supplement is effective against cancer, as hinted earlier, but it does not work fast. Rather, it works gradually. This means you may not get the desired result after the first dose. You may have to continually use it before you can get the desired result against your cancer. However, using the supplement over a given period can fortify you against cancer cells.

Diindolylmethane is 100% natural and is created right inside the human body after the body has digested broccoli and the other vegetables that contain the chemical substance.  Aside from broccoli, some other vegetables rich in the chemical compound are:

  • Kale
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Turnips
  • Brussels sprouts

In fact, many of the vegetables from the Brassicacae family are rich in Diindolylmethane.

Side effects

Diindolylmethane is a 100% natural product as hinted earlier and Diindolylmethane benefits can affect virtually every group of humans, male and female alike. Pregnant women or lactating mothers can also use it. However, you may end up with unwanted side effect if you use more than the recommended dose of the product.  The side effects are mild; they can include stomach upset and headaches, both of which can be managed without a problem.  Asymptomatic hyponatremia has also been traced to the product.