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Leeds & Son Palm Springs jeweler provide the finest quality watches, jewelry, and accessories from around the world to their customers for the purpose of easy and convenient shopping. Shop and work with the expert and discover the difference in true quality when you visit Leeds & Son today on El Paseo today.

The 4Cs of Diamond Quality

  1. Cut – it is a critical factor that contributes to the brilliance and fire of a diamond, in addition to the final appearance in the setting. A brilliant-cut or fancy-shaped diamond usually boasts 58 reflective surfaces known as facets. Light is refracted off each facet in the pavilion of the stone and eventually dispersed in a prismatic effect through its crown if a diamond is cut to correct proportions, but if a diamond is not cut deeply enough the light can escape from the stone’s pavilion without any reflection.
  1. Color – body color of a diamond in its purest form is colorless. A colorless diamond is very rare, yellow or brown traces are usually present. The color is evaluated by the unaided eye using a 23 letter grade scale, starting at D the highest grade, and continuing through to Z the lowest grade. It is more valuable when it has less color. Other diamonds with colors of red, green, pink, blue, and amber are often referred to as fancies, they are options as well. But the colorless gems are the most sought after.
  1. Clarity – the word flawless is truly the most accurate way of describing a diamond’s clarity, unlike the term colorless. A flawless diamond which is classified as FL has no surface markings or inclusions and allows light to pass through it easily. Diamonds are rare and highly expensive. The clarity grade of a diamond is determined by the size, number and location of internal characters called the inclusions.
  1. Carat Weight – all diamonds, as well as, other precious gems are weighed in carats. Each diamond is comprised of 100 points. This plays an important role in determining a stone’s value, and larger diamonds can be difficult to find, but it doesn’t compare to the quality because of the three other factors, cut, clarity and color grades, are also considered.

Southern California’s Fine Jewelry and Timepieces Destination

Leeds & Son was recognized internationally for being a shopping destination of fine jewelry and timepieces in Southern California. This retail sensation redefines the meaning of luxury shopping experience with upscale amenities, an exceptional selection, and personal shopping service. Leeds & Son is an authorized jeweler for the highest quality brands and designers in various price categories.

It is Coachella Valley’s official jeweler for Patek Philippe, Corum, Baume & Mercier, Tudor, Frederique Constant, and Chanel. Also, Leeds & Son offer jewelry from Bayco, Rahaminov Diamonds, Marco Bicego, Lisa Nik, JB Star, Mikimoto, Como Italia and much more. The store showcases an ever-changing pre-owned watch collection and specializes in GIA Certified diamonds.

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