Go Karts For Kids under different age groups

The best way to get your kid to spend some time outdoors is to buy them a Go-Kart. Here are some things to looks out for while doing it:

Go Karts come in various forms with different safety features and different top speeds. Two factors that largely determine the kind of Go-Kart you should buy for your kid are their age and abilities.

Under Eight Kids

Apart from the Go-Kart being pedal powered the battery fitted inside should be a twelve-volt battery at max. Kids will be less likely to get injured in these karts.

From Eight To Twelve

The battery can be two 12 volt batteries. Their maximum speed will be around 12 miles an hour. With acceleration, steering and braking system identical to cars, kids will get an insight into driving cars with a lot of safety.

Above Twelve

These kids qualify to ride fuel powered karts as they will most likely not fit in the earlier karts described. Depending on the kind of motor installed, karts have different top speeds. A lot of these karts can’t support a person heavier than 200 pounds or two people at once, so you have to be careful of all that.

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Now comes the part about different karts for different terrains. Here are some customization you can do on the Go-Kart.

  • Karts with Knobby tires: To ride on uneven terrains like dirt or grass, these tires are the best.
  • For Drifting: You need hard plastic slick tires for getting a good trip for drifting around for your kids.
  • For riding on rough surfaces: As Pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride, they are best equipped for rough surfaces.
  • For sandy terrain: To not allow sand or dust to infiltrate the essential parts of a kart, disc brakes should be used as they are sealed.
  • For wet surfaces: Since aluminum doesn’t rust in wet conditions, aluminum wheels are best if your kid likes to splash around in the water, wet grass and the likes.
  • To prevent your kid from harm, install roll bars for protection in the event that the kart goes turtle.
  • To prevent your kids from going flying away from the inside of kart due to sudden brakes, shoulder harnesses should be used.