Colorectal cancer is the most common type of cancer

Different types of tests are conducted in order to detect the presence of the blood in the faeces. The colonoscopy is one of the accurate forms to perform the screening. The colorectal cancer screening can be used to identify the symptoms of cancer in the early stages and reduce the death. The symptoms of cancer can be identified easily with the help of the screening tests. Both the men and women can experience the most common type of cancer called colorectal cancer. The government concerns should be understood for the rise of colorectal cancer in Singapore as said by Dr Ganesh Ramalingam. The symptoms of colorectal cancer can be identified if the cancer awareness is conducted frequently. The assessment is done for the sample which is sent in order to exclude cancer by the pathologists.

Detect and remove the polyps:

There will be more scope to enable the samdr ganesh ramalingamples when it is passed through the special instruments in order to remove the polyps. The thin and flexible tube is included in the small camera of the colonoscopy. At the time of colonoscopy, the doctor will verify the entire length of the colon and rectum. The best way is investigated through the colonoscopy in order to remove and detect the polyps. The facts of the colon cancer can be detected easily by dr ganesh ramalingam with the help of the MOH guidelines. The early detection will help to increase the chances of cure for the colon cancer.