A hidden place to explore: Mt. Haguro

The mountain is one of the famous of three mountains of Dewa in the city of Tsuruoka, this is an ancient province of Dewa, Japan which is a domain that consists of a modern-day Yamagata Prefecture and Akita Prefecture. The lowest height from the three mountains of is around 414m it is the mountain that is accessible throughout the year and one can always visit the place to enjoy nature. The Shukubo provides three main services for the pilgrims that include Sendatsu pilgrim, the Dew Sanzan, Shojin Ryori.

About the city Tsuruoka Japan:

The place is pilgrims to the sacred Dewa Sanzan that brings a mystical atmosphere. The late sixth century A.D marks the first arrival of Prince Hachiko Mt. Haguro that represents overcoming the world’s present troubles and the height is around 414m which in feet 1358ft high the mountain considered the most visited of the three mountains. There is ancient Japanese built temples and Shrines where one can feel a strong presence of the spirits and this can embrace the initial step in the sacred land. It is also believed that the mountain Haguro is the home to Ideha-no-kami all dedicated to the protection of the Dewa Province with present-day Yamagata and Akita Prefectures and the Uganomitama-no-Mikoto which is referred to as the god of agriculture.


A little information about the Mt. Haguro:

The place is accessible and remains eye-catching throughout the year. There is no entry fee to be at the place and for this very reason, the place is appreciated among the travellers and local people. One can opt for the easiest way to reach the place and the roadways are the best travel way to reach the top, choose from bus to save some travel expense and for more comfort, one can rent a car which is highly recommended. The option of renting a car is always available on any official site of Japan travel or there are local places which provide rental cars in easy ways. It is must to visit the place.

The place is not just a happy place for pilgrims but for travellers also it brings a lot of travel satisfaction which is difficult to find without having to spend a huge amount of money but if one is visiting mt.haguro one can save an amount of money.